The designer Karim Rashid – a statement against drabness and minimalism

kundalini bokka tischleuchte
Photo: The table lamp Bokka of Kundalini is typical of the eccentric Karim Rashid.

“Design is about a rigorous beautification of our built environments.”
Karim Rashid is one who wants to change the world. He not only makes clear in his book with this title, he proves it with the creative work that he has already compiled in the course of his 30-year career as an industry, product and interior designers. He was born in Egypt, raised in Canada, lives and works in New York and actually all over the world. He is committed to any object or environment that it creates a statement. A statement against corners, straight lines and right angles, a statement against the minimalism and the drabness of our time. Instead, he lives and loves round organic shapes – and the color pink. His designs are not afraid of being commercial, they are aimed at the masses and are molded in a specifically defined style, in a celebrated setting clear: Welcome to Karim Rashid’s world of “Blobismus,” the world of the bladder, as he calls it yourself, you .

foscarini blob bodenleuchte
Photo: The Blob by Foscarini is strongly dominated by Rashid’s self-proclaimed style of Blobismus.

Karim Rashid explains his preference for organic and soft forms would be simply the result of better ergonomics. And certainly the ubiquitous claim to bring the world beautiful forms. His influences lie in the freedom-loving and visionary during the sixties and seventies. Not least Colors play an important role. His designs never go out without a color grade. Be it ever so small, it is the latest in clear contrast.

studio italia design probe wandleuchte
Photo: Karim Rashid designed several lamps for Studio Italia Design, here the wall lamp sample.

Privately, the Americans, which is often referred to as a pop star and love the design scene, known for his color preferences. Since he stood out even in a lecture under 15 dressed in black was the only architect in the white suit, he was never to see again in a dark outfit. In his apartment in New York dominate his favorite colors pink and rose.

artemide doride terra stehleuchte
Photo: The floor lamp from Artemide Doride Terra in 2009, there was the Good Design Award.

The list of awards that can boast of Karim Rashid, is endless. Since 1985, its design objects, his interiors, his person and his contributions to the beautification of the built environment will be honored regelmäßg. Among them are several red dot design awards, Good Design Awards to the Golden Compass in 2008. Honorary doctorate from the College of Art and Design in Toronto or Washington DC, exhibitions at the Museum of Modern Art in New York or San Francisco, all of these round spots in his biography are evidence that he is indispensable in the contemporary design scene. Rather than that, he characterizes it.

xo baby bite hocker
Foto: Einfaches aber bemerkenswertes Design verkörpern die Baby Bite Hocker von xO-Design.

Das Schöne an diesem Ruhm ist, dass Karim Rashid all die Dinge, die er entwirft, nicht nur einer ausgewählten Elite zugänglich macht, sondern bewusst in die Welt streut. Er entwirft gerne für die Massen, noble Exklusivität ist selten die Absicht hinter seinen Kreationen.

studio italia design vapor stehleuchte
Foto: Wie Dunstschwaden steigen die Lamellen der Leuchte Vapor von Studio Italia Design nach oben.

Dennoch steht die Qualität und Einzigartigkeit des Designs im Vordergrund und daran sollen möglichst viele Menschen teilhaben. So verbirgt sich seine kreative Handschrift hinter Massenprodukten wie Staubsauger oder Verpackungen von Parfums. Daneben verleiht er zahlreichen Möbeln und Leuchten Gestalt, für namhafte Hersteller wie Artemide, Foscarini, Magis, Slide oder zuletzt Studio Italia Design.

magis butterfly stuhl
Foto: Der stapelbare Stuhl Butterfly von Magis mit abgerundeten Kanten und einer ergonomischen Form.

Karim Rashid ist somit viel mehr, als ein erfolgreicher Designer. Denn er bereichert die Menschen nicht nur durch sein materielles Schaffenswerk, er lehrt auch eine gewisse Weltanschauung: die der Leichtigkeit, der Farbe, der sanften Formgebung und des offenen Blicks nach vorn.

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