Fall Mantel Decorating Ideas


Decorate your mantel this fall using these ideas inspired by real homes.

Megan Mchlachlan Fall Mantel


1. Striking Orange-and-Black Mantel


A few mini pumpkins and a glass container filled with seedpod vase filler, pinecones, and faux leaves can give your house the autumn touch it needs. Displayed above the collection, a striking black mirror instantly sets the fall mood. Meghan MacLauchlan (littlemacshack.blogspot.com) recommends using items on your mantel that are meaningful to you. Her Shel Silverstein books are constants through every season.

Kate Fall Mantel
2. Fall Mantel with Natural Elements

To get inspiration and materials for your fall mantel, Kate Riley (centsationalgirl.com) suggests going on a nature walk. Pick up branch clippings, pinecones, acorns, and smooth stones, and give them a home on your mantel. Displaying a tall vase and an apothecary jar is a perfect way to show off your finds. A complementing display on a coffee table is an easy way to carry on the fall theme.

Maryann Caballero Fall Mantel
3. Fall Mantel with Twine-Wrapped Vases

Maryann Caballero (domestically-speaking.com) loves a full mantel to complement the bountiful season. She created her plentiful mantel by layering pumpkins, acorns, pinecones, and leaves. To fashion twine vases, she hot-glued twine to recycled bottles.

Audrey Pool Fall Mantel
4. Tree-Theme Mantel

While silhouette tree art grabs your attention, it’s the trio of spiders in Audrey Pool’s (house-of-boys.livejournal.com/) display that gives it personality. She added fresh-from-the-farmer’s-market pumpkins, a leafy garland, and candles to complete the fall flavor.

Alissa Ditta Fall Mantel
5. Fruit-and-Nuts Fall Mantel

Glass containers are simple and versatile decorations that can be staples on your mantel all year long. Alissa Ditta (33shadesofgreen.blogspot.com) switches out the filler every season. Inspiration for her fall mantel came from natural elements such as acorns, leaves, and fruit.

Elaine Gardner Fall Mantel
6. Outdoor Elements on Fall Mantel

Laney Gardner (laneygardner.blogspot.com) looks to the outdoors for inspiration for her fall mantel. She covered sticks from her yard with a clear coat and mixed them in with dried flowers and feathers in a clear vase. She filled the base with faux leaves and accented with mini pumpkins and gourds.

Laura Putnam Fall Mantel
7. Barn Door and Hydrangea Wreath

The abundance of natural materials in the fall makes decorating your mantel easy and fun! Head outside and pick up pinecones, dried leaves, and branches. Laura Putnam (findinghomeonline.com) used these materials to accent an old barn door and a dried hydrangea wreath.

Kellie Tate Fall Mantel
8. Silhouette Mantel

Incorporate your family into your fall mantel by using pictures of their silhouettes. Simply trace their shadows onto black cardstock, trim, and place in an oversize frame. Kellie Tate (thisblessednest.blogspot.com) painted her frame gray and added a hint of pumpkin-orange color. She also covered a foam board with several sheets of scrapbook paper before adding the silhouettes. Painted pumpkins finish her autumn theme.

Liz Latham Fall Mantel
9. Mantel with Autumn Garland

Liz Latham (hoosierhomemade.com) created her festive fall garland by hot-gluing a variety of elements onto a piece of twine. She started with the heaviest pieces first (the Indian corn) and worked her way down to the lightest bits (the acorns). An oversize iron star and a cute scarecrow finish off the look.

Beth Hunter Fall Mantel
10. Wood-Chip Wreath

Beth Hunter (thestoriesofa2z.com) used leftover curly wood chips from a woodworking project to create her pretty wreath. She stripped an old wreath down to its grapevine base and hot-glued the wood shavings to it. A fluffy feather boa and more wood shavings add texture to the mantel.

Kim Nichols Fall Mantel
11. Woodland-Theme Mantel

Wrap potted plants in burlap to give them an autumnal and natural touch. Kim Nichols (savvysouthernstyle.blogspot.com) accented her burlap-wrapped plants with faux branches she had on hand and a bird she found at her local crafts store.

Ceramic Pumpkins Fall Mantel
12. Ceramic Pumpkins on a Mantel

Allison Hepworth (houseofhepworths.com) likes to keep her mantel display simple. She used a faux plant, gourds, and ceramic pumpkins in a variety of colors to give her home a touch of fall that she can reuse next year.

Feathers and Foliage Fall Mantel
13. Feathers-and-Foliage Mantel

A combination of real and faux foliage looks beautiful on a fall mantel. Becca Bertotti (adventuresindecorating1.blogspot.com) created her flower arrangements by tucking real and fake branches into a vase and adding pheasant feathers and burlap in the base. To create the garland, Becca strung various sizes and colors of wood crafts beads onto wire and hung it at various heights. A few tucked-in lights add glow.

Tara Lowry Fall Mantel
14. Wheat-and-Pumpkins Fall Mantel

A mantel doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful. Tara Lowry (tarahlowry.blogspot.com) placed wheat in clear glass vases aside a display of white pumpkins and Spanish moss balls.

The Nester Fall Mantel with Pumpkins and Gourds
15. Oversize Fall Mantel

Dried pumpkins and gourds (available at your local crafts store) are great accessories to have during the fall season. They look fantastic and you can keep them year after year. Myquillyn Smith (thenester.com) mixed the dried gourds with big, warty pumpkins from her local farm store. For extra interest, she used yellow and gold faux foliage mixed with pheasant feathers.

Lauren Hufnagl Fall Mantel
16. Simply Seasonal Fall Mantel

To keep your mantel looking fresh like Lauren Hufnagl’s (withtwocats.com), use one significant piece and complement with smaller seasonal elements. Lauren used the mirror as her focal point and stacked mini pumpkins beneath it. To finish, she placed seasonal flowers around the room.

Emily Allison Fall Mantel
17. Mantel with Shutters and Fall Foliage

Oversize containers are great for displaying fall foliage on your mantel. Emily Allison (decorchick.com) used faux leaves and sticks to give her mantel a hearty touch. A few substantial items, such as the shutters and her wedding photo, fill out the mantel.

Mary Jean Taylor Fall Mantel
18. Family Fall Mantel

Mary Jean Taylor (onenuttygirl.com) used her family photo as the focus for her fall mantel. She found the frame and letters in a salvage store and finished her mantel with other goodies picked up over the years. As an interesting touch, she placed an old paperback book with the pages folded back in a hurricane vase. Branches tucked inside the pages add a touch of nature.

Becky Rapinchuk Fall Mantel
19. Easy Faux Fall Mantel

Faux fall items can be used in a variety of ways year after year. Becky Rapinchuk (cleanmama.blogspot.com) kept her mantel simple by placing miniature pumpkins and gourds atop oversize leaves. She filled a glass vase with crystals and gave it a touch of autumn by putting a leaf on top. Cattails in an ivory vase finish off the autumnal mantel.

Gail Funderbunk Fall Mantel
20. Pumpkin Topiary on a Mantel

Simple and fun crafts can make your manteal look great. Re-create Gail Funderbunk’s (gailsdecorativetouch.blogspot.com) pumpkin topiary by applying crackle medium to a fake orange pumpkin. Let it dry and paint white. Insert pretty faux greens into an urn and display the pumpkin using a wooden dowel.


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